Since NJK was founded, we have supplied oil the rubber  parts  for automotive  and  motorcycle. O.M.E. assembly in China and gained a considerable high reputation on quality stabilization in this field. Continuously innovation of NJK  technique and expansion of our productivity ,we imported the  most  highly-advanced vacuum  vulcanization  molding machine which fully automatic computer controls, This guarantees optimum quality  by  minimizing  defects  due  to  human-errors, Therefore, upgrades product¡¦s quality  as  well as reliability .Mould  design¡Brubber  formula  mixing¡Bmetal case  treatment¡Bvulcanize¡Bspring insert¡Bseal trimming and package all are proceed in our factory and 100%inspection in all procedure to ensure our quality and promote customer¡¦s competition on market