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     NJK, a famous rubber-seal supplier in the world, was set up in YanCheng in 1995 and our head-office was located in Taiwan.

NJK always focus on innovation and devel-opment. We have a research team, more than 30 people, including experts and scholars. So far NJK continues to watch the right manager , right technology and nice products.

We design and manufacture the high quality products by the CAM/CAD/CAE software, strict procedure control and total quality management. NJK was early certified ISO9001﹑ISO2000 and TS16949 than the competitor in PRC.


NJK have CNC digital lathes , vacuum vulcanization machines , the inspection equipments for raw materials and products, and coordinate measuring machine etc. Base on the fine equipments and good management, NJK supply the high quality rubber-seal products.


Our high-end oil-seal products (exceed) the foreigner competitor. Our technique and products is audited by many customers, Japan, Southeast Asia etc. included automotive, motorcycle and equipment-maker fields. NJK is a very famous in oil-seal markets in PRC now. In the near future, we will become a top 10 company in the world.

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 ISO/TS 16949:2009                                                                     Products CERTIFICATE