03-product-p10j.jpgNJK group, we are the most professional manufacturer of rubber part for O.E.M. automotive & motorcycle assembly factory ex. Oil seals , O-rings, gaskel for engine case, cam chain guide & tensioner rubber parts, To meet customer's requirement,we also supply different material including NBR. HNBR. SBR. XNBR. EPDM. VITON (FKM) SILICONE. POLYACRYLATE (CLL). NATURE RUBBER ...ect.

NEWLY NJK is aggressively expanding high technique and high value added sealing products including truck hub seal. industrial application electronic components. medical appliance. aerospace industry to satisfy customer's various needs.

 Inspection & Package Department

 Sprocket & Roller. Oil window. Cam chain Tensioner
Sprocket & Roller. Oil window. Cam chain Tensioner

 Mainfold Pipe
Mainfold Pipe.jpg
 Intake Pipe
Intake Pipe.jpg
 Motorcycle engine seal
Motorcycle engine seal.jpg

 R & D Center
 Shock absorber seal

 truck seals

truck seals.jpg

 Automobile seals
Automobile seals.jpg
 Automobile seals
Automobile seals-1.jpg
 Valve stem seals
Valve stem seals.jpg

 Generator Oil Seals Production Building

Generator Oil Seals.jpg

 industry seals
industry seals.jpg
 Cover seals
Cover seals.jpg

 O-ring KIT
O-ring KIT.jpg
 Dust Cover & Bushing
Dust Cover & Bushing.jpg
 Pneumatic seals
Pneumatic seals.jpg

 DKB Wiper seals
DKB Wiper seals.jpg03-product-p14-carj.jpg

 Industry seals
Industry seals-1.jpg
 Rubber products
Rubber products.jpg
 Rubber gasket
Rubber gasket.jpg